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The Chalkboard at 808 Broadway

the alienist/angel of darkness
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This is a community for fans of "The Alienist" and "The Angel of Darkness", both by Caleb Carr. Please, feel free to join. Post on whatever you like as long as it has something to do with either of these books, the author, or other books he has written. When you join, please post an entry introducing yourself. You don't need to be approved, or anything. It's just so we can get to know you a bit.

Please take a look at littletendrils' fanlisting, http://fan.celestialrhythm.net/laszlo. It's definately worth joining if you're a fan (obviously).

caleb carr, cyrus montrose, horror novels, john beecham, john moore, laszlo kreizler, libby hatch, lucius isaacson, marcus isaacson, sara howard, stevie taggert, the alienist, the alienist movie, the angel of darkness